Divorce Sucks.

Going through a divorce sucks, even for a man.

There. I said it. But you were thinking it.

So how's that supposed to help you?

Actually, two ways.  >>>>>>>>>

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Paul on Life Coach TV

If you're a man dealing with an unexpected divorce and looking for help or resources, click this link to watch my first appearance on the Manhattan-based cable TV show, Life Coach TV.

I'm a trained and certified coach who has also been through the actual pain of a real divorce. I created a process based on what helped me move through the fog of my divorce so you can deal with your situation more quickly and with less pain.

The TV segment runs just under 30 minutes and covers my definition of coaching, my coach training and background, an explanation of the brain-based coaching models I use, and some other advice for business owners and executives. It also announces the "Divorce Coaching 4 Men" program!


My second appearance is being formatted for the web and will be posted in 2009.

Ciao for now,

Paul McGinniss
The Divorce Coach 4 Men
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