A little about Paul

When I was going through my own challenging divorce in 2001-2002, I was shocked at the seemingly total lack of resources geared toward helping men (especially men without children) deal with divorce. There were plenty of resources for parents and even more for women but practically nothing for men. When I started my coaching business and was thinking about where to focus, it hit me like a lightning bolt – “Why not be the resource I couldn’t find?!” I realized it made complete sense for me to use my personal experience and my coaching skills to create a program that could help men move through this very difficult period faster and with less pain than I experienced. I based the program on what helped me survive The Fog of Divorce™ and I tested it with a variety of divorced men (and women). The unanimous feedback was how helpful the program would have been for them if it were available when they were going though their divorce. I’m proud to be able to offer this program to men and trust I can make what can be an extremely difficult time a little easier and a little shorter.